Now is the time I found both inspiration and time to dedicate into this creative outlet. During theatre, we explored our bodies, faces, and voices, which build up the image of the character; without one of the above, the persona that the actor tries to create is most likely to be misinterpreted.

In our case, we had to prepare a scene; the scene took place in an asylum and within that, the minds of two psychics, trying to find paradise, were explored. It was approached by its comedic side by alluring the image of both characters and sudden plot twists. Performing this act felt exhilarating and like I was overcoming my boundaries with more exaggerated responses, movements, and reactions.

As an introductory activity, this performance served its purpose and gave us a clear taste of what’s to come, how to cope with time management, collaboration and most importantly it was a chance for us to get to know our team members.The biggest lesson though from today’s class was not that. It was the realization that

The biggest lesson though from today’s class was not that. It was the realization that music can affect the actor’s image of his character by offering a different point of view and understanding of the concept.

Before performing, our teacher Kate played music and asked us to adopt our scenes according to what we heard each time. At first, I felt uncomfortable since we had already visualized and explored our scene’s potential and the different style seemed to threat to “allure its quality”. Oh, how wrong was I.

French; upbeat
This particular music seemed french. Either way, what made it special was that it had this extraordinary power of making our scene x10 times happier. Even though it was firstly intended to be a psychic scene with maniacs freaking out, this melody turned the hopelessness of the characters into hope. Now all of their movements, words and actions had hope as their purpose or source.
Upbeat; jarring
In contrary with the first one, this beat brought out our insanity and our insecurities were maximized. It was definitely more intense and felt more real making me feel insane. This harsh-toned melody made everything intense and therefore they had a bigger impact on me.
Calming; liberating
by transporting our scene in paradise we both felt happy and blessed seeking for god in our surroundings. We felt liberated from any burden, not giving emphasis in the past. Now, the peace and quiet atmosphere had a visible impact on our behavior which was expressed by both our physical performance and our improv lines.

Our scene was easier to adopt each time since we didn’t have any prepared lines and everything was improvised. This gave us the freedom to change the lines and transform our scene while keeping the broader guidelines the same.



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