We define atmosphere as the tone or mood by set or performances

Actors and directors can experiment and transform the playground to fit their needs.

The set has to show the struggle. Even though it is internal they should externalise that.

Corset shows the restricting aspect.

Fire implies danger, anger and struggle


WOW. Everything requires so much effort. To view all those details, to pursue excellence. Nevertheless, I find it inspiring at the same time. Theatre is not just about acting. I won’t argue that acting plays a significant role in the conceptualisation of theatre but set-design does so as well. Design connects the materials with the artist to express the meaning of art more clearly, to give the audience an idea of what he wants to interpret, to even let them create their own perception of the piece. Materials don’t have to be expensive or too many. Just the simplest resources used in the right way can affect the performance. But is there a right way? And if there is, what is it?

Right is what feels right. Art has no boundaries as to what is right because simply everyone sees the same thing differently. Art design supports the actors as much as they support it. There is no specific outline as to what a set should look like. Actors are able to affect the way a set is set if the set doesn’t suit their needs.

Since my relationship with theatre only spreads to acting, the territory of designing has been unknown. Today I was inspired to engage with this aspect of theatre.
Theatre! So many aspects. So much creativity. So much emotion, tension, expression. So much power.


COLOR OF REALITY https://youtu.be/Dq1tm5TqYsg


A short video. How can such a short video contain so many messages and how am I supposed to reflect on all of these.

Impressive. That’s what this video is. From the facial expressions to the hidden messages of colour and the contrast across the actors’ movements, this art piece expresses the struggled tragedy of the black community.

The colour of reality: Why is reality painted red? Since red is the symbol of warning and danger is this supposed to be a warning? If colour is for coloured people and red stands for blood then the brutal ending is subconsciously expected.

The coloured room: Everything seems fake. Even I at first was conceived that this was a painting. The paint has its meaning. The resemblance to Van Gogh and the mystery at first behind the visual artwork pique the viewer’s imagination and lead him to create his own picture and his own assumptions.

TV: The living room is equipped with a TV. Is that the only connection this room has to the real world? The video on the TV is the only realistic statement so far. The fast beat in the voice of the news presenter gives the essence of anxiety. The topic of discussion in the news; police violence against unarmed black people clarifies the purpose of this video.

DANCING: The beat of the music which accompanies the dancing seems very fast bit but not emotionless making it perfect for fast thinking and reflection upon the topic and the ongoing dancing. The dancing, without knowing the exact style to describe it, is a fast bit, electro dance which normally gives me the essence that there is no room for emotion, but in this case, there is more than enough. Their movements give me the impression that the actors are trying to find their balance, their place within the mess of reality.Their reactions both facial and physical appear soft yet shocked and confused.

THEIR OUTING: Their first outing appears to be their first encounter with the world and their surroundings. They observe their environment and start  slowly interacting with it. They start realising that it’s different from what they had imagined, what they had envisioned from their own little reality in the painted room. The environment screams American dream. From the trucks to the waving national flag you see the American reality.

INTERACTIONS WITH OTHERS: The interactions of the characters with the surroundings include the humans as well. They seem like they discover something new, they’re eager to learn and experiment. The other side though is not that responsive. It is visible that it is negative or neutral towards them as if they are so focused on their own world, their own reality, that anything that intervenes with that is irrelevant.

FINALÉ: Death. The final call. Everything resulted to that. Why? Is there a reason? Is there a reason for this brutal ending? Is there a reason for injustice? The contrast between blue-toned colours and bright, harsh red is mesmerising. And after the shock comes normality. Life continues as if nothing happened. People walking without noticing without reacting. People even step on the hand of the dead body. The ending is powerful and as the shot moves away, the scene becomes more and more intense.

-BLACK LIVES MATTER-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Konstantina


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