That was the main theme of today’s class. Animals. What does this have to do with our monologues? You’ll see!

We started the lesson by dancing “in a structured way” as Kate suggested and then we were organised in pairs. After that we were supposed to imitate mice, well actually embody them in search for cheese while also communicating with our partner. This act as it was evolving included Kate as the cat that we had to run away from. As painful as it may have been walking around with our knees, this activity was extremely fun to play around with. It was different but in a good way.

After that, we were expected to transform into humans while keeping the mice/rat characteristics. Now I was walking, but faster, talking, but in a higher pitch. This was actually really useful when it comes to teaching us how to adopt the animal characteristics into the real person.

This was the underlying theme today. How to transform into your character by looking into the behaviour of animals.

“An animal’s physicality makes demands on the human body that an actor could never invent.”


After watching this video, we explored our monologue’s characters by doing the same thing. Firstly, we started off with acting out the animals and then we performed as our characters with the animalistic behaviour and characteristics. It was really hard to recreate our own characters. But this way, we were able to understand and explore their personalities more into depth.




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