Yesterday was a special day for IB theatre in UWC Changshu.
Starting from the morning, the day was special because of the fact that sadly enough there was no class for HL students. No matter how many times Kate repeatedly informed us about it, there were still some naive and careless of us who still went to class and last minute recalled about this change.
The reason why, though, is even more special. For this day, there was a character dinner planned. Character dinner? Well, it’s basically an acting exercise that takes place in the canteen. The participants of this exercise are all the theatre students and their assignment was one; to act and interact as if they were their character. For me, it was harder than I realised. To be able to act as your character in this scene, you have to have an in-depth understanding of your character and his interactions with his environment. Also, another obstacle I faced was that I didn’t prioritise my character’s wills beforehand. To be more exact, Sonya is such a versatile person, facing multiple difficulties. This makes it hard for me to choose  the most dominant characteristic of hers but also her main purpose and desire.

And now the fun begins. The soiree. The soiree was held at Kate’s house and it was an improved version of the character dinner. Even though I came in late, I still got to experience the entire atmosphere. The food was delicious, the concept entertaining and everything was going well. This time, it was less challenging for me. The challenges I faced during dinner were gone now, and what was left was for me to enjoy myself and explore my character more. I started realising that as a house-keeper Sonya would understand the struggle of maintaining a household, so she would be willing to help whenever she got the chance. And that’s what I did. I started doing the dishes! This way not only did I embodied my character, but I also helped Kate as well.

This day was the best day for theatre.


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