Descriptive writing;
Write an objective description of a significant theatre experience in your life. Avoid any reflection or emotion and simply present the facts. Write in the third person and do not give any indication of the significance of the experience.

In second grade, Konstantina was assigned the role of “Paplomatou”, the lead role in her school’s play. It was her first time taking such a role.

Personal writing;
Start again. Write a description of the same significant theatre experience, but this time write it in the first person, as a personal experience. Explain your thoughts and feelings.

In second grade, for our school’s play I was Paplomatou. Paplomatou was the lead role and it was really important for me. This was the first time I actually got to perform, be in the spotlight, experience theatre and the pressure and anxiety behind a theatre production. From having to learn my lines (more than anyone else’s), to acting for hours in front of the parents this was a new, but ,memorable experience for me.

Reflective writing;
Start again. Write about the significance of the theatre experience and the impact it has had on your work, your approaches and your perspectives. Describe only what is necessary to illustrate its significance. Write in the first person.  

The first time is always significant. And the same applies to theatre. My first lead role, my first actual responsibility had a lot of teachings for me.
It all started from second grade, but for the first time to experience such a moment, its lessons followed me up to today. Just like the first lesson you have in school; the first letters and words you learn those first days, they will be the ones structuring your essays and statements, later on, helping you on your literate journey . That also happened to me. The tricks to memorising the script, the hard work and patience it takes to  work with others,the courage it takes to take on such a responsibility and the strength to actually perform in front of everyone have stuck with me today and helped me with my journey in theatre.


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