I took part in a Music Video. Well, it may not be as impressive as you may think.

So this is how it happened. For our theatre class this noon, Kate wanted us to create a music video. To create one you, first of all, need music and dancing/moving, but since we’re in a theatre class we decided to leave the singing to Solange. Basically, (I am going to ruin it for you) we just put the music video on, started dancing while Kate’s phone was recording us.

This is the first time I’ve heard this song, but I really liked its rhythm.  Through this small dancing session, I had lots of fun, because I felt relaxed and free, but also a connection with all of the other classmates. All in all, this was a nice way to unwind from all of the tension and stress of IB.

But right after that, the work and rehearsals continued. As we’re preparing for our monologue performance everyone is getting more and more engaged in their work, including me. As the perfectionist, I am I want to make sure that every small detail is perfect. From the costume, staging and lighting to the actual performance itself I want to ensure that this monologue performance reaches the maximum of its potential. No matter if it’s a new thing for me to create a performance all by myself, I still want to impress myself with the final result.

(But since it is not just about the final product, but the journey to get there, I need to tell you how overwhelmed I feel with all the knowledge and new skills I am acquiring.)


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