Starting from a general overview of our timetable, our theatre class started. 
Exploring movements and atmosphere, as well as their effect on the meaning of a performance, was today’s main area of focus.
We focused on seeing the connection between to actors when they focus on different points. For example, I started by actors neutral while Malene was shaping my body and then it evolved in me focusing on her hand and finally in creating eye contact. The difference between those three stages seemed obvious to me. The level of interaction between us affected the meaning. At first, it started as something unnatural and then it became more and more meaningful implying an emotional connection between us.

We also experimented with both of us being focused on each other’s right hand. We had to follow the movements of the hand and move our hand creating different shapes with our bodies. A big impact on the atmosphere was made by the underlying music and lighting. The lighting was made by a spotlight cutting out anything else on the screen and maximising the focus on us. As far as the song is concerned, it is the following which in my opinion brought out emotion and vulnerability.

The interesting thing was that once we discussed the outcome with the class everyone had different interpretations of what was happening. Some thought there was obvious tension between us but others felt that the attention was mostly on the hand which resulted in ignoring the other person. And I feel like this represents exactly what happens during a theatre play. All of the audience witnesses the same performance but each and every one of them understands the actions and the atmosphere differently creating narrative in individual, unique ways.

Apart from today’s class actions I am currently working on changing the setting of my monologue. As my monologue went as good as in the rehearsals, the overall result was not pleasing so I decided to change the staging. I decided to add elements and make every aspect of the performance more realistic. Afterall, this is the aim of the task; to experience this theatre style and adapt our monologue to it.


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