We don’t dig deep enough. We just stay on the surface and experiment slightly. Instead, we should be delving into our performances and being completely devoted to it. We should start to experiment with by trying out different conventions and seeing what we actually want. We should be discovering and engaging fully with it.

Today I felt stressed at first. But to my benefit, this soon turned into motivation. When hearing the deadlines, assignments and responsibilities we have to come across with by Christmas break I felt suffocated and stressed. Afterwards, though I started getting inspired and more eager to work on theatre.


The areas I need to work on are:

  • Journal
    • Make it more fun, include more visual pieces, maybe work on a physical copy
  • Monologue
    1. Try and evolve the realistic performance by including new elements and changing some of the previous conventions
      (eg. candles, broomstick etc)
    2. Find the theatre styles to adopt my monologue into
      (Poor theatre, Puppetry & Theatre of cruelty)
    3. Rehearse and experiment with those styles
    4. Film videos and start working on the portfolio
  • Overall Progress
    • I need to know where I’m standing and what I should be working towards overall



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