Experimenting with different music was again the main focus of our class.

But it wasn’t the only thing in today’s theatre experience. Today I realised I should take more risks. As I am preparing my monologues in different styles, I asked Kate for some insight and advice. But, throughout our conversation what stuck with me the most was this:

“I don’t take enough risks and therefore this is what is keeping me back in this creative process”

And when I am saying keeping back I include the enjoyment. Because to enjoy this process you have to let loose, experiment and at the same time take risks. Only risks, actions out of your comfort zone lead to new, innovative ideas and concepts. That’s how everything starts; by people experimenting and taking chances without a clear outcome but with hopes for the best.

And at the same time, I need to respect myself. Respect and support my decisions with no doubt of failure or unpleasant outcome.

I feel optimistic and I am hoping for greater things. Because, once you change your mentality you can change the world.



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