Yesterday I witnessed three DP2 Collaborative Performances which made me show appreciation on how a play is set up.

These past few months, we focused extensively on individual pieces which made me look at the collaborative projects with nostalgia. I really got to appreciate their work and acknowledge the effort that they put into putting together a small play.

The first play was about war and the impact of this on human relationships. It focused on how it encouraged humans to turn against each other for superficial reasons without focusing on the fact that they are all humans and in times of life or death they should support one another.The performance took place in the black box. What stuck with me was the way they used lighting and staging, including stylistic choices. They had a sheet, which they used to create the shadow of a man and show his detailed movements along with his captivating posture to create the atmosphere of war which includes uncertainty, huge consequences but small actions. Overall, the stage was a living room in which a lot of lights were placed to intensify the atmosphere. The actors all had costumes to give out their identity or characteristics of theirs. I was really impressed with the merit they showed.

The second performance was the most fitting for its context. It was a play abut the bonds and pressure within a family. They also touched on issues especially relevant to China, such as the pressure the parents put into their kids to follow a certain career and life path with choices they approve of. Even though their setting didn’t include any props, the way they placed themselves in the scene and the visual material they used to support that was impressive and captivating. What also stroke me was how the actors handled malfunctions caused by tech. They just remained still, without ruining the atmosphere or the sequence of events.

Lastly, the play I watched, at last, was about a comedic approach to regret and consciousness. They showed how a man changed his beliefs and became more conscious and kind. The most distinct thing about this performance piece was how an actor was playing multiple roles throughout the play. He went from playing the convicted innocent to a lazy prison guard. The play was really enjoyable because it was fast and fun to watch.

I seriously can’t wait for my turn to get involved in a collaborative project and myself explore different aspects of theatre.





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