As the title gave away, this is going to be dedicated to the last two classes before Christmas break.

With the Christmas spirit taking over, our last classes were reflective and sentimental.
In the first class, we were asked to write our deepest, darkest secret on a piece of paper and sit in two circles (one inside the other, so we would face one person from the other circle). In the beginning, we exchanged our secrets and after, we would say a statement about the other person that had to be absolutely objective (Example: You are wearing blue.). Then the pair would repeat the statement in different ways to alter the meaning (Example: You are wearing blue! You are wearing blue?). After a while, we would change the statement and experiment with different phrases. And then, we would switch partners, by the people forming the external circle moving 4 forward. The “secret” would now move to our new partner. Now, Kate told us to experiment with the phrase; You have my secret. My partner, Ali, from the tone of my voice, realised that I was expressing worry, so he tried to sound reassuring.
Afterwards, we had a group discussion sharing our feelings throughout the process. I felt worried about my secret because I was not in charge of it anymore and its fate was not in my hands. I did not know how people would react to it and if they would figure out it’s me. Especially during the last part, feeling what those words expressed made me have a deeper understanding of my “character” and how to express the lines in a truthful way. This overall activity made me realise the importance of relating your lines to a situation you have experienced and the accuracy of applying this technique.

In case you were wondering, the secrets were not revealed, but burnt down by Kate.

The second and last day was a bigger and longer group discussion about how we personally progressed and developed throughout the months of theatre classes. I talked about how I developed a clearer and more holistic view of what theatre is like. I experimented with different concepts and realised that theatre is so much more than acting. Acting is just a component, but to clearly project a message you need to stage and direct the performance accordingly. Others also shared about overcoming their fears and becoming more confident.

This was a delightful ending to our journey.


Till next time,
(all the way from Greece)


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