Today in class we looked at how to influence our work by other artist’s processes. Kate showed us how to document this process but also how to include priciple’s of other artists in our theatrical journey.

Scott Graham, artistic director of the Frantic Assembly, shares his personal interest in movement in theatre and how it tells stories. Movement is interactive. The gestures are big and unconventional. Frantic Assembly is traditionally devoted to physical theatre.

Technic number One: Round-By-Through

You stand opposite of your partner and you have 3 options of connecting physically; either going through, by or round.

“Am I going by them, round them or through?” 

There is no necessity for sequence

Looking at others process you create your own by mimiquing their techniques.

1. “Experiment with it”

Always remember: Keep it simple and then add complexity.2. “Add a little bit of weight”

 2. “Add a little bit of weight”

Guiding questions:

“It is about presenting opportunities for communication”

“Find those opportunities for lifts and shifts and moves”

There are 3 Universes

  • The moment before the touch
  • The moment of the touch
  • The moment after the touch

And they should all be different.


Lovesong is about an aged couple looking back at the past. What happens with the journey of relationship over time.

This intimacy implies sexual contact, without acting it out. The slow moves can be explained b the fact that they belong to memory and there are feelings influencing the recall of them.


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