Today’s focus? You guessed it! Colombian Hypnosis.

Is it actual hypnosis? Yes, but the effect was not as strong, or maybe not existent.

Now let’s get to the reflection.
Auguste Boal is the founder of the theatre of the oppressed.
He was a politician that wanted to involve everyday people in politics.

What we did went like this. One person, A, held their hand out with the palm open, and person B, followed the palm with his head. The movement of the hand and therefore the head was slow in order for it to be as detailed and precise as possible. The palm had to lead the other person’s head to the furthest places and therefore create unusual whole body movements.

This one to one interaction developed into a chain of people all connected with each other and creating a complex interconnected piece.

The movement was demanding on a physical aspect but also from a communication’s perspective since more than two people got hurt in some way. Don’t expect anything serious, though.

I liked the activity since it I felt really bonded with the people I was following but also the people that were following me. Following their bodies created this connection as the two bodies were closely attached.

Did you like following or being followed?
I liked being followed, as I was in control. Following others and being controlled made me unimportant and my choice had no effect. On top of that, it was more demanding. When rereading this I realise how

When rereading this I realise how self centred I sound.


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