When approaching the unknown world of physical theatre, Scott Graham is one of its most significant figures. Scott Graham has shaped this field through his engagement by co-founding and leading Frantic Assembly, an award-winning theatre company, that is traditionally devoted to physically devised theatre.

According to Graham physical theatre helps narrate stories through interactive movement as well as big and unconventional gestures.

In our group, we worked to incorporate the techniques of devised theatre that he follows onto our work, in inspiration from a piece of art. The piece of art we chose to be influenced by is Jackson Pollock’s, dripped ink and enamel on paper, untitled artwork. Its characteristic vagueness in meaning gives us more freedom for interpretation.

The first technique, as Graham defines it, Round-By-Through helped our team create choreography and find meaning from that. Throughout this process, it is really important to experiment and adjust the weight of the movement. This way the final piece will be original interpretation and not a copy of another artist’s product.

Hymns-Hands is the artist’s second technique; whose main focus is the performer’s hands. Different variations of Scott Graham’s movements were included in our piece, to intensify the human connection and reinforce our performance with rhythm.

Working with other artist’s theatre processes is remarkably important in order to broaden our theatre understanding and applications.


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