Shakespear? Yes, intimidating! I don’t know what to do. Inspiration does not come when you’re instructed to be inspired. I like the concept of doing something different. I would like to do something innovative and intense. Maybe a musical? I can’t sing. I always thought of making a musical where there is someone who can’t sing and he is being made fun of. Maybe I can make fun of myself. I am more appealed to a fighting scene because of the intensity. The lack of knowledge for Shakespeare’s work restricts me. Once I explore more maybe I ‘ll change my mind. I would like to do something in a social scene where random people would interact. Benedikte’s idea on a theatre Flash Mob sound exciting but maybe there is not that level of interaction. Maybe swimming? Or a bathroom scene? What about a scene during class or snack time? Or wearing Sodexo clothes and pretending to be an ayi


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