Research on Rhinoceros:

Members of the rhinoceros family are characterized by their large size (they are some of the largest remaining megafauna, with all of the species able to reach one tonne or more in weight); as well as by an herbivorous diet; a thick protective skin, 1.5–5 cm thick, formed from layers of collagen positioned in a lattice structure; relatively small brains for mammals this size (400–600 g); and a large horn. They generally eat leafy material, although their ability to ferment food in their hindgut allows them to subsist on more fibrous plant matter, if necessary. Unlike other perissodactyls, the two African species of rhinoceros lack teeth at the front of their mouths, relying instead on their lips to pluck food.


Becoming a Rhinoceros:

We became rhinoceroses. We embodied all of their characteristics and were acting as if we were one after researching quickly about it. I noticed that their main characteristic was their horn and it should be distinct throughout. Also, their breathing has a heavy snort, which should also be present. Generally rhinoceroses are heavy species with the tendency to move very slowly. To achieve this I imagined I had rocks as hands and feet. After a while things started evolving. We had to bring in chairs, also keeping in mind that rhinos are clumsy animals. Therefore I threw out my bag and jacket in attempt to move the chair while also causing this movement just with my head, instead of the horn. As I was moving the chair fell and I realized it should have never been straight up.

“If a rhino got this chair it would probably have already turn up side down minutes ago.”

And that was true. Everything that we as humans are used to doing and considering right and αυτονοητα is not the same for animals.
I also embraced this when having to sit on the chair. I just laid down on top of the upturnt chair.

Image result for Rhinoceros


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