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Nancy Pellegrini’s article lists 7 of the most significant Chinese Drama’s in history.

Image result for Thunderstorm by Lei Yu in 1933Thunderstorm by Lei Yu in 1933

Respected family’s father has two children with his maid not knowing that one, the daughter, is now his servant while getting involved with her half-sibling. The ending is as tragic as the plot with madness and suicide ensue.
Critics point out the resemblance of the play to Ibsen’s Ghosts.

Image result for Sunrise Ri ChuSunrise by Ri Chu in 1936

Again, in the tragic spirit of Lei Yu, Ri Chu’s Sunrise captures “loose” characters being seduced by hedonism and easy money. It all ends when the main character, ex-prostitute/party girl, ends her life instead of redeeming herself.
It is more realistic than Thunderstorm.


Image result for cultural revolution posters
In a Land of Silence/Silence by Yu Wusheng Qu in 1978

High-level cadre embraces capitalism before being prosecuted. The family’s attempts to hide him fail and pay dearly for its benevolence.
One of the first plays to deal openly with the Cultural Revolution.


Image result for waiting for godot posterBus Stop/Station by Che Zhan in 1981

With hopes and dreams to get to the big city, eight characters are being passed by buses. Silent Man makes his way walking, but the others spend 10 years blaming society before they follow him to the town.
Waiting for Godot with Chinese characteristics, theatre of the absurd rejecting traditional conventions.


Image result for Absolute Signal Juedui Xinhao
Absolute Signal by Juedui Xinhao in 1982

The protagonist taking part in a train robbery is conflicted when meeting former classmate, girlfriend and elderly master. The crime never comes off.
Black Box, Flashbacks, Popularity and Experimentation.


Image result for chicago poster
Wife Back from America by Meiguo Hui Laide Qizi in 1993

Urgency to go abroad is confronted. Returning wife realises the grown-apart with her husband.
Captures Societal Change in China. Consequence of political pressure.

Image result for rhinoceros in love poster
Rhinoceros in Love by Lian Aide Xi Niu in 1999

A shy zookeeper appears obsessed with attractive woman. After she rebounds his clumsy advances, he kidnaps her to prove her wrong. The story that follows consists of symbolism, satire and darkness.
Music effects, radical plays in small venues can indeed attract investors.

Theatre Company Research; Gecko


The company I will be researching on is named: GECKO.


Gecko is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed physical theatre company, led by Artistic Director Amit Lahav.

A Gecko show is visual, visceral, ambitious theatre crafted to inspire, move and entertain. Gecko strives to make their work wide open to interpretation and put their audience at the heart of the narrative.

Amit has created an organic devising process that oscillates between intense periods of experimentation, making brave leaps, learning and failing and including choreography, writing, storyboarding and reflection. Every stage includes sonic and technical development alongside the choreography.

With an expanding ensemble of international performers and makers, Gecko works across diverse age groups, nationalities and forms. The company tours nationally and internationally and continues to develop strong partnerships around the world.

Beyond the stage, Gecko aspires to open the doors on their process via every possible avenue, be it digital, in schools or through one-to-one relationships with their audience.


Gecko is an artist-led organisation and the creation of artistic product drives all conversations from education to marketing. The creation process is incredibly rigorous and productive to ensure the high quality demanded by Gecko. It is a proven process which has created 7 celebrated shows over a decade in this way.

The creative process happens over two years and includes the ‘creation tour’ where a show continues to develop whilst on tour. The longevity of a show’s life, up to five years, means that the current show in development carries enormous significance in all aspects of the company’s work.


We are completely committed to our pursuit of making excellent work. Every aspect of the process provides us with the tools to make shows of the highest quality: time, rigour, world-class performers and creative teams, world-class venues and management support. Our shows are incredibly detailed and crafted, highly skillful and universal, creating both a childlike wonder and an artisan appreciation in our audiences.

We have a responsibility to our audiences, especially our young audiences, to produce the most exciting, powerful, challenging work possible – A responsibility we take very seriously. Our status as an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation inspires us in the business of Gecko even more.



I fell instantly in love. Thos theatre company may not have the most luxurious and elegant equipment but their passion and energy are undoubtedly admirable. I was impressed when they made use of regular objects to create an unforgettable visual experience. Their focus on visual presentation and physical exploration seem to definitely characterise their vision. I felt inspired by their ability to make use of limited resources and create a holistic theatrical experience. Sometimes the simplest of things are the greatest and definitely, that is for this company. A fundamental reoccurring pattern amongst their work is the theme they choose to explore. Whether it is unconventional or traditional through their interpretation they create this identification with the audience. As if they are watching their own lives in front of them. Lastly, I would like to touch on their attention to detail and how this contributes to the creation of an overwhelming experience for the audience.

When you want to say WEIRD word bank:

Words used to describe avant-garde or non-traditional art;


2.  When you don’t want to say “normal”, say;


Set Design Challenge; Rhinoceros Transformation

Jean’s transformation in Act Two seems to be one of the most challenging tasks for directors that aim to unravel this play’s character and personality. The technical difficulty for a human to turn into a rhinoceros is intensified even more by the lack of transitioning time that is given in this scene. Therefore, in order to solve the issue in a small amount of time, the transformation of Jean into a rhinoceros should be supported by appropriate technological equipment. The equipment that will accurately assist this change and offer the audience a spectacular feel when the transformation is revealed is a transparent glass screen. This screen is a newly developed technological apparatus that is aimed to offer a holographic experience since it can project characteristics of a rhinoceros on top of Jean’s body. The characteristics are. The screen’s measurements, as well as the stage’s, are 5 (length)x 3 (height) meters.

  • Green, leather-like skin
  • Lump on forehead
  • Horn.

Not interfering with the script writers intentions this approach will represent this symbolic transformation better than any other alternative.

Below can be found pictures illustrating the setting of the stage with the new additions. The original staging as presented in the script remains untouched.

Image 1: Visual Representation of Stage with Notes on Function of the Transparent Hologram System

Adding to the comedic interpretation, vibrant colours will contrast with the monotonous colours of Jean’s modest house. Through this, the contrast and the unexpectedness will be escalated revealing the intention and purpose of the expansion of “rhinoseritis”.

By following this approach the connotations regarding the play could be expanded and include the overwhelming and addictive nature of technology that is recruiting more and more as time progresses, also without excluding the intended connotations of the script writer.

Lastly, the feasibility of the approach is confirmed by the price of the equipment and the installation. After communication with Glimm Display, a company based in the Netherlands that produces the latest Screen Equipment the price is set at TO BE DETERMINED. According to them the most suitable specific product would be TO BE DETERMINED.

The screen’s requested measurements, as well as the stage’s, are 5 (length)x 3 (height) meters.

Transparent OLED display

Image 2: “2D 3D Hologram Displays.” Glimm Display. Web. 12 Mar. 2017.

Butoh Fu

butoh (舞踏) (butoh is a style of Japanese modern dance featuring dancers covered in white body paint.)

fu (舞踏譜) (fu means“notation” in Japanese)

After Second World War Japan experienced change at a rate unlike that ever seen before in world history. It embraced massive industrialisation and Westernisation.
Japanese Loss of Identity

At its heart, Butoh aims to reveal the unconscious inner world of the performer, stripped of his or her social mask, striving to reach its audience at gut level.
Connection to the audience’s feelings

The traditional image of a Butoh performer is of a white painted figure wearing a g-string, with a contorted and grotesque face and body, head shaved and eyes rolled up. Uncontrollable convulsions are juxtaposed with incredible isolation in all parts of the body and sublime stillness.
The performer’s description

Obfuscation describes the movement.


  • provocative
  • shocking
  • spectacle
  • erotic
  • grotesque: comically or repulsively ugly or distorted.
  • violent
  • primal: relating to an early stage in evolutionary development; primaeval.
  • visceral: relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect.
  • physical
  • spiritual
  • meditative
  • cosmic: relating to the universe or cosmos, especially as distinct from the earth.
  • nihilistic: rejecting all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless.
  • cathartic: providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis.
  • mysterious
  • animalistic


Context influences the art form.


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