Jean’s transformation in Act Two seems to be one of the most challenging tasks for directors that aim to unravel this play’s character and personality. The technical difficulty for a human to turn into a rhinoceros is intensified even more by the lack of transitioning time that is given in this scene. Therefore, in order to solve the issue in a small amount of time, the transformation of Jean into a rhinoceros should be supported by appropriate technological equipment. The equipment that will accurately assist this change and offer the audience a spectacular feel when the transformation is revealed is a transparent glass screen. This screen is a newly developed technological apparatus that is aimed to offer a holographic experience since it can project characteristics of a rhinoceros on top of Jean’s body. The characteristics are. The screen’s measurements, as well as the stage’s, are 5 (length)x 3 (height) meters.

  • Green, leather-like skin
  • Lump on forehead
  • Horn.

Not interfering with the script writers intentions this approach will represent this symbolic transformation better than any other alternative.

Below can be found pictures illustrating the setting of the stage with the new additions. The original staging as presented in the script remains untouched.

Image 1: Visual Representation of Stage with Notes on Function of the Transparent Hologram System

Adding to the comedic interpretation, vibrant colours will contrast with the monotonous colours of Jean’s modest house. Through this, the contrast and the unexpectedness will be escalated revealing the intention and purpose of the expansion of “rhinoseritis”.

By following this approach the connotations regarding the play could be expanded and include the overwhelming and addictive nature of technology that is recruiting more and more as time progresses, also without excluding the intended connotations of the script writer.

Lastly, the feasibility of the approach is confirmed by the price of the equipment and the installation. After communication with Glimm Display, a company based in the Netherlands that produces the latest Screen Equipment the price is set at TO BE DETERMINED. According to them the most suitable specific product would be TO BE DETERMINED.

The screen’s requested measurements, as well as the stage’s, are 5 (length)x 3 (height) meters.

Transparent OLED display

Image 2: “2D 3D Hologram Displays.” Glimm Display. Web. 12 Mar. 2017.


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