Today I finalised the Devising Theatre Company Written Assignment on the Theatre Company Gecko. Even though I had already completed a first draft and thorough research on what was essential to describe the company and its processes, I wanted to find more. This time I let myself get carried away with research not looking for something specific, while also noting down relevant information and facts.

This way I got to truly understand the company and their intentions. I felt like theatre is so much more than just a subject. One should never focus on just the grades but rather immerse into the world of theatre and explore as much as possible. After one has done that, only then it is possible to enact and perform theatre with the condition that you’re fully devoted to it; every aspect of you is present in the process without meaning that you overthink but rather that you concentrate.

I feel motivated to be in the world of theatre which is so much more than just being a good performer. I am now able to say that theatre is a holistic experience and involves lighting, movement, choreography, sound, etc.



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