The first year of DP Theatre has officially come to an end. 

It has been a year filled with discoveries, disappointments, developments, downfalls, breakdowns and fearless step ups. This year has taught me a lot; not only when it comes to Theatre but also life and academics particularly.

This years’ experiences have shaped me as a person affecting my life choices. The lessons this year has taught me will follow me for the rest of my life hopefully and will contribute to me growing as a person.

In the theatre world, in particular, I have learnt a lot. From costume choices to acting, I have grown tremendously. I have been taught invaluable lessons when it comes to describing those. I have come to grow as an English speaker with confidence and surety.

And since in order to make the net year the absolute best, I shall write down areas to focus when beating the improvement. Here is what will guide me in a few months when I will be dealing with the four official assessments.

And yes all the lessons are in order of importance.

Lesson No 1:
Know what the IB expects from you! Know the exact assessment criteria and what you are being assessed on. Refer to them before and after every assignment.

Lesson No 2:
In the IB you should emphasize more (spend more time) on the writing of the processes you followed and less on the processes themselves. For you, I would suggest to keep the same time for the processes and just increase (double) the writing.

Lesson No 3:
When acting do not hurt yourself. It is important to always be safe within what you do and hurting yourself does not mean you’re great just stupid and maybe a little dedicated. If you want to spice up your performance skills:

  • Surround yourself with great performers who inspire you and show you the right direction.
  • Be in full of control of your body; at the end of the day, theatre is all about body face and voice being in harmony. You need all 3.
  • Lastly, to make the performance less interesting remember to read between the lines and always make your expressions as diverse as possible.

Lesson No 4:
Your Journal right here is your best friend. Write as often as possible you will not regret it. Everyday!

Oh and most importantly enjoy every single part of it. Not only it will make you happier but it will also show on your work 😉


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