TEAM in Romeo and Juliet

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Tension Emotion Atmosphere Meaning

1st Scene

T: Darkness and spotlight on him

A: Fire lines coming up

2nd scene:

Wall with graffiti and ropes

T: Pronunciation Exaggeration

A: Motorbike and sand

M: Gold chains

M: using the helmet kicking the helmet references to the helmet sitting on it

3rd scene:

E: tone of voice of the black man and pace changes depending on the weight of what he is saying

Transitions the two boys leading screaming and the girls coming in screaming. Once on leaves, one comes.

4th scene

M: Color of clothes; white of the dress innocence

M: us of objects to symbolize humans or show other meaning

5th scene

A: Changing of lights and colour of thee instead of the set design

M: Constant presence of bell even if not relevant to all scenes it is kept constant throughout

M: Use of the chair as an object representing a woman. It is turned around and used like the helmet and pillow.

Transitions: always sth happening on stage

6th scene

T&A: There are fireballs flying around stage the vertical column on fire to show how the spirit is alive in the fest

A: Lighting changes when the two Montagues walk in, The vertical column switches off and everyone has balloons that have a different light in them

Music intensifies gen they leave

*Sparkle Effect*

Bell is swinging as if time is passing but slower as also seen by the music and the movement of other

M: Wall is flown separating the two. It is also black indicating the hatred that is keeping them apart

There are faces on the walls

M: On the wall, there is a detailed pattern of a tree but also graffiti on top- modernized -contrast between Capulets and Montegeurs

A: Marriage scene has the horizontal flames with epiphany music.