The(PRACTICAL PERFORMING SPACE)  physical part of the space where the performance takes place

What things are important when choosing a performance space:

  1. Natural vs technical light
  2. Size of audience
  3. Live sound technical sound
  4. Acoustics of the space
  5. Access to backstage

Stage Types:


  • Defined by stage and audience
  • Proscenium arch
  • 4th wall
  • Projected outwards
  • Particular angle always
  • They are viewing it
  • Distinction and contrast between audience and actors
  • Never quite involved
  • Intimacy is moderate
  • Wing space
  • Curtains
  • All lot of options for set design
  • Backdrop (and back curtain)
  • Audience positioned in front of the stage
  • Limited view
  • Size can be very large/ usually moderate to large

Thrust (Catwalk)

  • Audience on three sides
  • The stage thrusts itself in the audience
  • One distinct  wall
  • Increases intimacy
  • You feel more involved
  • Large limitations in terms of setting and props
  • Like Illyria
  • Can be small or large
  • Can combine thrust and proscenium
  • Limitations in terms of exits and entrances

Theatre in the round

  • Large-scale picture but usually it is on a small scale
  • Stage is centered and the audience is around the stage
  • Extremely intimate
  • You see everything that goes on on stage
  • You see the reactions of everyone else on stage
  • The audience members work as a guide for the emotions which build us up
  • It is very engaging
  • Limitations
  • Lights from 360 degrees they do not cast a shadow
  • Someone will always be looking at your back
  • Setting
  • Cannot have orchestra
  • All are technical sound
  • You can do whatever you want with the height of your stage
  • Entrances and exits of the actors through the audience
  • Something very intimate and very character based


  • A catwalk or runway
  • Audience members on two opposing sides
  • Good for entrances and exits of the characters
  • Very powerful entrances and exits
  • Or good for very aesthetic types of performances
  • Bar splitting the stage into two
  • Trainstation and audience very involved the train never came
  • No backstage
  • It is usually sth you would add to a stage


  • They are about spectacles
  • They are not intimate at all
  • Grand and spectacular
  • The excitement and extravagance of the performance
  • Disney on ice
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Tens of thousands
  • Camera projection about details
  • Not Intimate
  • Largeness and spectacle nature of the performance
  • No audience involvement
  • Disconnection and spectacle
  • Complete opposite from the theatre in the round

Black Box (Studio)

  • Curtains all  around
  • Full space of imagination
  • Any type of stage
  • Limitless in the options for a black box
  • Usually, workshops take place in a black box


  • Elevated platform where the performance takes place
  • Very traveling
  • Improv
  • Daily traveling
  • Very impromptu
  • Unprofessional


  • On an angle
  • Shakespeare
  • Visuals
  • The whole performance can be seen
  • It increases the visibility
  • You can have that in a proscenium stage thrust and arena
  • You can rake your audience


  • For horse races
  • Big penis shaped
  • Horse racing track
  • You can still use it
  • Small-scale them put them inside
  • Horses come from one side
  • Elongated semi-circle

Open Air

  • Just outside
  • uses the nature
  • Uses sunsets and sunrises
  • Instant form of setting
  • Symbolic use of nature
  • Impactful
  • Theatre of cruelty in the open air
  • Not very technical


  • To take a walk
  • Walking theatre
  • Kind of like a flash mob
  • Audience member is walking and moving
  • They are being immersed
  • You are part of the show
  • Extremely immerse
  • A guide takes you through
  • Example last year’s monologues
  • Performances being repeated constantly and the audience going around
  • Used intentionally
  • Very immersive
  • Lighting and sound limitations
  • Intimacy and involvement is high


  • You choose the location for its purpose
  • Literally on a location
  • Purposefully as part of your performance
  • Example colonial house

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