Again, this is part of the self-guided assignment.

Nancy Pellegrini’s article lists 7 of the most significant Chinese Drama’s in history.

Image result for Thunderstorm by Lei Yu in 1933Thunderstorm by Lei Yu in 1933

Respected family’s father has two children with his maid not knowing that one, the daughter, is now his servant while getting involved with her half-sibling. The ending is as tragic as the plot with madness and suicide ensue.
Critics point out the resemblance of the play to Ibsen’s Ghosts.

Image result for Sunrise Ri ChuSunrise by Ri Chu in 1936

Again, in the tragic spirit of Lei Yu, Ri Chu’s Sunrise captures “loose” characters being seduced by hedonism and easy money. It all ends when the main character, ex-prostitute/party girl, ends her life instead of redeeming herself.
It is more realistic than Thunderstorm.


Image result for cultural revolution posters
In a Land of Silence/Silence by Yu Wusheng Qu in 1978

High-level cadre embraces capitalism before being prosecuted. The family’s attempts to hide him fail and pay dearly for its benevolence.
One of the first plays to deal openly with the Cultural Revolution.


Image result for waiting for godot posterBus Stop/Station by Che Zhan in 1981

With hopes and dreams to get to the big city, eight characters are being passed by buses. Silent Man makes his way walking, but the others spend 10 years blaming society before they follow him to the town.
Waiting for Godot with Chinese characteristics, theatre of the absurd rejecting traditional conventions.


Image result for Absolute Signal Juedui Xinhao
Absolute Signal by Juedui Xinhao in 1982

The protagonist taking part in a train robbery is conflicted when meeting former classmate, girlfriend and elderly master. The crime never comes off.
Black Box, Flashbacks, Popularity and Experimentation.


Image result for chicago poster
Wife Back from America by Meiguo Hui Laide Qizi in 1993

Urgency to go abroad is confronted. Returning wife realises the grown-apart with her husband.
Captures Societal Change in China. Consequence of political pressure.

Image result for rhinoceros in love poster
Rhinoceros in Love by Lian Aide Xi Niu in 1999

A shy zookeeper appears obsessed with attractive woman. After she rebounds his clumsy advances, he kidnaps her to prove her wrong. The story that follows consists of symbolism, satire and darkness.
Music effects, radical plays in small venues can indeed attract investors.


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